Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy to install ICM's SMT

By ICM Inc. | May 29, 2014

ICM Inc. is pleased to announce that Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy LLC of Phillipsburg, Kan., has purchased ICM’s patent-pending Selective Milling Technology for the Prairie Horizon ethanol plant. SMT is a value-added platform technology for plant yield enhancement.

David VanderGriend, founder and CEO of ICM, said, “ICM is happy to see more customers take advantage of the benefits that SMT provides. SMT is not only the first step toward our Fiber Separation Technology and Generation 1.5 Technology, but has also proven itself to the point that it is now considered standard equipment in every new build we’re doing internationally. We appreciate the confidence in us expressed by the Prairie Horizon management team with its purchase of this technology from ICM, and are excited to continue working with Prairie Horizon on its goal to be a leading company in the renewable energy technology space.”

Mike Erhart, general manager for Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy, said, “ICM continues to impress us with its passion to invest in the industry and help us improve. We are excited to get the SMT System up and running not just because of its proven ability to increase plant yields, but also because of the opportunities it provides us to continue down the path of being a low-cost producer.”

With the agreement for purchase and full-scale installation at Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy, there are now 16 ethanol plants in North America either running or under contract to run ICM’s Selective Milling Technology. That raises the total throughput for ICM and its partner in this yield enhancement technology, Fluid Quip Process Technologies, to more than 1.6 billion gallons of ethanol production per year.