Gevo launches sales of renewable isobutanol to Brenntag Canada

By Gevo Inc. | January 13, 2015

Gevo Inc., the world's only commercial producer of renewable isobutanol, announced it has launched sales of renewable isobutanol to Brenntag Canada Inc., a member of the Brenntag group companies for distribution into the solvents, oil and gas, mining and specialty chemicals markets. The initial market entry is focused on Canada. Brenntag Canada has purchased truckload quantities of isobutanol from Gevo for distribution to targeted customers.

"Many Brenntag Canada customers seek bio-based options in the solvents and specialty chemicals markets. It is a unique opportunity for us to be able to provide Gevo's renewable isobutanol as a premium priced bio-based option, particularly for the fast growing oil, gas, and mining industries," said Stephen Bushell, director of national supply for Brenntag Canada.

Greg Roda, Gevo's executive vice president and chief commercial officer, said, "Our renewable isobutanol competes on price and performance with petroleum-based isobutanol but Gevo's isobutanol is a renewable, biodegradable, natural product made by fermentation. Due to its excellent chemical properties, it is ideal for use in the growing oil and gas, and mining market sectors and it is better for the environment."

Roda added, "We are very pleased to be working with such a great partner as Brenntag Canada. We believe the Canadian market is an exciting place to start selling into the chemicals market."