CARB issues update on LCFS pathway certification

By California Air Resources Board | April 27, 2016

California Air Resources Board staff has completed review of all ethanol pathway applications submitted on or before Jan. 31, 2016 through the alternative fuels portal (AFP). These submissions included both new applications and requests to have “legacy” pathways, adopted under the prior LCFS rule, recertified.  Some applications were either rejected without prejudice by ARB or withdrawn by the applicants.  For ARB rejections, applicants may submit new applications to address deficiencies in the original application, if desired.  The table below provides a detailed breakdown of the status of ethanol applications received through Jan. 31, 2016.


Certification Status of Ethanol Pathways

Status   Re-cert New

                           Tier 1     Tier 2     Tier 1     Tier 2     Total     

Completed               64           9              40          0           113

Rejected/Withdrawn     13           7              75         13           108

Total (Re-cert + New)   77           16           115         13           221


April 22, ARB sent the newly modeled ethanol CI scores (for both new applications and recertified pathways) to individual applicants for final review prior to being certified.


Requirement for applicants requesting recertification

Applicants who submitted recertification requests and whose applications have been deemed eligible will be receiving notification via the AFP, which will include a summary sheet.  Applicants have seven business days to review their proposed CI score and then to either accept or reject the proposed CI.  Applicants who choose to accept the proposed CI must upload the company’s signed attestation letter to the AFP system and mail a wet ink original to the manager of the fuels evaluation section to ensure pathway certification (for more detail see the guidance documents for pathway re-certification and new applications available at

An applicant who chooses to reject the proposed CI may submit a new application for consideration.  The AFP system is time sensitive and will lock responses at the end of the seventh business day (by 11:59 P.M. PST on May 3, 2016).  Inaction on part of an applicant during the review period is equivalent to rejecting the proposed CI.


Requirement for applicants who submitted a new application

As with recertification of legacy pathways, summaries for new applications that have been processed will be made available to applicants through the AFP.  Applicants must communicate their decision through the AFP on the proposed pathway CI during the same seven day period being offered to recertification applications.  Inaction on part of the applicant may result in delays in the CI being certified.  Applicants who choose to accept the proposed CI must upload the company’s signed attestation letter to the AFP system and mail a wet ink original to the Manager of the Fuels Evaluation Section to ensure pathway certification.  Applicants who submitted the attestation letter as part of the application are not required to resubmit the attestation letter.


Next Steps

Staff will review responses from applicants after the closing period (May 5, 2016) and move to certify all CIs except those rejected by the applicant.  These certified pathways will be effective first quarter of 2016 for reporting purposes and will be made available on the LCFS website at


Background on the LCFS

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard is a regulation to reduce the carbon intensity of fuels sold in California ten percent by 2020.  The LCFS is one of the measures adopted by the California Air Resources Board, pursuant to Health and Safety Code Sections 38500-38599 (AB 32) to reduce greenhouse gases in California.  It is designed to help clean the air, protect the environment, and drive the development of clean, low-carbon fuels to improve California's energy security and energy independence.



Questions related to CI certification, please contact Anil Prabhu, Manager, Fuels Evaluation Section at (916-445-9227).  Questions related to reporting, please contact Manisha Singh, Manager, Fuels Section at (916-327-1501).