Growth Energy, Front Range Energy award funds to veterans groups

By Growth Energy | June 17, 2016

Growth Energy Cares, the charitable arm of Growth Energy, and Front Range Energy provided $125,000 in support for five veterans’ organizations at the Growth Energy/Front Range Energy annual golf tournament on June 15 in Windsor, Colorado.  The organizations include the Vail Veterans Program, Hire Heroes USA, Homes for Our Troops, The Fitch Foundation, and WYCO Veterans Alliance. One-hundred percent of the tournament’s sponsor contributions will go toward donations to these charities.

The American ethanol industry’s success has resulted in a reduction to America’s dependence on foreign oil. This industry has created a cleaner, homegrown fuel. Every gallon of clean-burning ethanol decreases the nation’s dependence on oil—one truckload of American ethanol displaces more than 60 barrels of imported oil. The U.S. has cut imports by more than half since the renewable fuel standard (RFS) was enacted.

“We have always focused on supporting organizations centered on helping our troops and veterans and their families. We are proud to continue doing our part for the men and women who have sacrificed so much for us all and to have a great partner in Front Range Energy in this effort,” said Emily Skor, Growth Energy CEO. “Our ability to produce fuel right here at home is the best way to guarantee our service members’ safety while also moving our country forward with a cleaner, less expensive, higher performing fuel choice.”

“Every gallon of American ethanol we produce at Front Range Energy is one gallon less that we have to import and moves us closer to energy independence,” said Dan Sanders, Front Range Energy Vice President. “I am proud that Front Range Energy can once again host a great event and give back to the soldiers and the families that do so much to secure our freedoms. We pride ourselves on being a very patriotic industry and I can see no better way to give back than to donate to such worthy charities that help our heroes.”