Maryland grain producers promote E15 across Mid-Atlantic

By Maryland Grain producers Utilization Board | March 22, 2017

The Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board has launched a four-month ethanol advertising campaign in the Mid-Atlantic. This includes postcards, bus, video, internet and radio advertising designed to highlight ethanol fuel and local stations offering higher ethanol blends.

The “You Have a Choice” campaign includes four weeks with 40 buses in Baltimore and Montgomery, and three months of digital, video and web-based advertising, showing that unleaded 88-octane fuel is an option coming to the area. The fuel provides a new choice to drivers as an alternative to unleaded 87-octane imported petroleum. Retail stations will offer 88-octane (E15) for 2001 and newer vehicles, as well as E85 for flex-fuel vehicles.

 “There are more than 22 high-octane stations under construction in Maryland and even more in Virginia,” said Lindsay Thompson, executive director MGPUB. “The Midwest has had a choice at the pump for years, and now we have one too.  Higher blends of ethanol offer owners of unleaded vehicles lower price, cleaner air and higher performance.”

This advertising effort is part of a large infrastructure project to install E15 and E85 pumps in the region. Unleaded E15 can be used in all vehicles 2001 and newer. Unleaded E85 can be used in all flex-fuel vehicles.  The stations are funded in part with a grant from the USDA.