USDA: April corn use for ethanol up compared to last year

By Erin Voegele | June 05, 2017

The USDA recently released the June edition of its Grain Crushings and Coproducts Production report, announcing corn consumed for fuel alcohol was 433 million bushels in April, down 6 percent from March, but up 8 percent when compared to April 2016. Corn consumed for dry milling fuel production was 89.1 percent, with 10.9 percent consumed for wet milling fuel production.

Total corn consumed for alcohol and other uses in April was 488 million bushels, down 5 percent from March, but up 8 percent from April of last year. April usage included 90.8 percent for alcohol and 9.2 percent for other purposes. Corn consumed for beverage alcohol totaled 2.99 million bushels.

Sorghum consumed at dry mill facilities for fuel alcohol production was at 5.35 million hundredweight (cwt) (299,264 tons), down from 7.06 million cwt in March and 7.5 million cwt in April 2017.

At dry mill facilities, condensed distillers solubles production reached 118,242 tons, down from 141,651 tons in March and 130,324 tons last April. Corn oil production reached 132,804 tons, down from 143,260 tons in March, but up from 114,127 tons in April 2016. Distillers dried grains production reached 437,914 tons, up from 425,213 tons in March and 374,750 tons the previous April. Distillers dried grains with solubles production was at 1.75 million tons, down from nearly 2 million tons in March, but up from 1.72 million tons in April 2016. Distillers wet grains production reached 1.3 million tons, down from 1.39 million tons in March, but up from 1.26 million tons the previous April. Modified distillers wet grains production was at 431,983 tons, down from 457,407 tons in March, but up from 429,972 tons in April 2016.

At will mills, corn germ meal production reached 60,219 tons, up from 59,425 tons in March, bud down from 67,530 tons the previous April. Corn gluten feed production reached 346,377 tons, down from 355,194 tons in March, but up from 306,464 tons in April 2016. Corn gluten meal production was at 90,133 tons, up from 89,461 tons in March and 84,916 tons in April 2106. Wet corn gluten feed production reached 283,835 tons, down from 307,814 tons in March and 301,283 tons the previous April.

Carbon dioxide captured at dry and wet mill facilities reached 200,431 tons in April, down from 207,016 tons in March, but up from 199,101 tons in April 2016.