LBDS publishes sixth edition of its Alcohol Textbook

By Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits | November 14, 2017

Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits is pleased to announce the publication of the 6th edition of the Alcohol Textbook. The Ethanol Technology Institute (LBDS’s educational arm) is proud to be a part of the production of the Alcohol School’s crowning achievement, the prestigious educative Alcohol Textbook. The Alcohol Textbook has become the industry standard and reference guide in the industry. First published after the School’s introduction in 1981, it was a collection of notes and information harvested from the first Alcohol School. Its subsequent five editions have expanded to cover every conceivable facet of Distilled Spirits and Ethanol production and has grown from 100 pages to 602 in the current, all new, edition.

“We are very pleased to now be able to offer the 6th edition of the preeminent textbook on alcohol production. We have been honored to collaborate with the many accomplished experts who have written chapters in their respective fields. This book has become the ‘gold standard’ in alcohol processing information in the market today,” said Angus Ballard, president LBDS.

“This textbook has been a long time coming, but the dedication to the quality of the information is critical to make sure that the textbook is not only informative but accurate as well. A lot of time and effort has gone into the writing, editing and publication of this textbook and we would like to thank everyone involved in getting this book out where it belongs,” said Professor Graeme Walker, scientific director of the Ethanol Technology Institute.

The 6th edition made its debut at the most recent Alcohol School in Montreal where the delegates received a special copy and were the first class to receive the new version of the book that is issued to attendees of the school. Please see for more information on how to order the 6th edition of The Alcohol Textbook today.