Growth Energy issues statement on CAFE, GHG standards hearing

By Growth Energy | December 13, 2017

Growth Energy has released a statement regarding the Dec. 13 joint subcommittee hearing held by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittees on Environment and Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection, titled an “Update on the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Program (CAFE) and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards for Motor Vehicles.”

“We’re glad the committee is examining this issue,” Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor said.

“We’re hopeful that these discussions will highlight the benefits of high-octane, low-carbon fuels, such as midlevel ethanol blends,” Skor continued. “Growth Energy has been a leader in raising this issue going back to 2012 when the standards were first being implemented, as well as in subsequent rulemakings. We believe a high-octane midlevel ethanol blend is exactly the kind of fuel automakers can use to meet these standards moving forward.”

In October, Growth Energy submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency in support of the use of higher biofuel blends in the Final Determination of the Mid-Term Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emission Standard for Model Years 2022-2025 Light-Duty Vehicles.