Praj lands order for ethanol plant in Australia

By | July 01, 2002
A company spokesperson for Praj, an international ethanol technology provider, says the company has "bagged an order amidst stiff international competition" from Australian Biofuels Pty Limited.

The ethanol plant will be located in Queensland, a sugarcane rich state in Australia. This will be the first ethanol plant to be set up in Australia since the announcement of the naiton's new Fuel Ethanol Program.

The order includes licence for technology, engineering and plant for production of 40 million liters per year using cane molasses as a feedstock. The plant design is such that it will enable addition of modules for alternate feedstocks.

The plant includes Praj's continuous fermentation system, as well as its evaporation plant and dehydration plant.

Delta-T Technology
The fuel ethanol technology is based on Molecular Sieve Dehydration system under licence from Delta T Corpn. Australia will require 350 million liters of fuel ethanol by the Year 2010. The program has stipulated t