Flint Hills, FQPT start up MSC protein system at Nebraska plant

By Fluid Quip Process Technologies | September 17, 2018

Fluid Quip Process Technologies is pleased to announce the commissioning of the FQPT Maximized Stillage Co-Products system at the Flint Hills Resources Fairmont, Nebraska, facility. The largest co-product technology system in the ethanol industry—MSC is operational and producing protein within specification requirements. FQPT’s engineering and project management teams along with Flint Hills Resources’ operational team brought the project in on-time and within budget, raising the bar for how engineering and technology providers in the ethanol industry along with industry leaders like Flint Hills Resources should be delivering technology projects.

The MSC technology produces high-value protein animal feed from a portion of the distillers grains produced during the ethanol production process. Flint Hills Resources has branded the product NexPro and has already began marketing the product worldwide. The start-up of the Fairmont Flint Hills Resources System marks the fourth and largest FQPT MSC system operating worldwide.

“The Flint Hills Resources team has done a great job preparing for and partnering with FQPT on a successful startup of the MSC System,” says Neal Jakel, vice president of strategy and technology at FQPT. “They have been a great partner along the way and we are excited to see them making product and achieving additional benefits of the system to their ethanol production process,” added Jakel.

The unique properties of the MSC protein make it an excellent ingredient for aquaculture, pet food, and poultry. The first FQPT MSC system began commercial operations in 2009 and many years of development work has been completed on the product and markets. Flint Hills Resources has contracted with Fluid Quip Process Technologies to provide detailed engineering on a proposed additional MSC system as they look to add the technology at other Flint Hills Resources facilities.

“We have been very pleased with the FQPT technology and startup team,” says Todd Svihovec, project services director at Flint Hills Resources. “Their experience and dedication has helped us to hit our startup targets,” Todd adds.