Croda, Trucent introduce new distillers corn oil emulsion breaker

By Trucent Inc. | June 11, 2019

On June 11, Trucent Inc. and Croda International Plc announced their partnership to manufacture and distribute Ascent, a novel emulsion breaker chemistry to improve distiller’s corn oil (DCO) recovery within ethanol plants. The partnership brings together two companies with complementary knowledge and skillsets, who share deeply rooted values of sustainability and innovation.

In the fall of 2018, technical product development experts at Croda and Trucent started work on Ascent, a chemistry with the ability to break the emulsions that had previously prevented corn ethanol producers from capturing the maximum amount of oil.

To develop the emulsion breaker, Trucent and Croda worked with existing Croda patented and bio-based ingredients. With Trucent’s experience and data in corn oil extraction, Croda was able to modify the design of the chemistry to break the dry grind ethanol corn syrup emulsion. For corn ethanol plants, this is a win-win situation, they will extract more DCO for less money using this sustainable Croda product.

“Ascent completes the third pillar of our purposefully designed corn oil extraction portfolio,” says Kevin Moore, VP of Advanced Separations at Trucent. “We now have the capability to serve our customers with mechanical, service, and chemistry-based offerings.” With successful trials now complete, Trucent is ready to bring this chemistry to market.

Greg Smith, director marketing and sales for Croda says, “This is a great example of a project within our Smart Partnering Program at Croda. Innovating with industry experts like Trucent and linking them to our expertise in delivering novel, high performance, and innovative chemistry. This new solution is a game changer for ethanol producers who are recovering corn oil at their Mills. With bio-ethanol a key raw material for this new product, Ethanol producers using Trucent’s ‘Ascent’ product are participating in bringing this new technology to market.”