Greenfield Global resumes operations at Winnebago plant

By Erin Voegele | December 06, 2021

Greenfield Global Inc.’s 48 MMgy ethanol plant in Winnebago, Minnesota, resumed operations in November. The facility, formerly operated by Corn Plus, had been idle since September 2019. Greenfield acquired the plant in late 2020 and in mid-2021 announced a corn supply and DDGS offtake agreement with Central Farm Service. 

Greenfield Global is a Canadian-based ethanol producer, with three ethanol plants located in Ontario and one in Quebec. The Winnebago plant is the company’s first U.S. ethanol production facility.

Robert Dekker, vice president of communications and public relations at Greenfield Global, said the company has made improvements to the Winnebago facility to lower its carbon intensity (CI).

“Greenfield Global invested significantly in the [Winnebago] facility to open a state-of-the-art ethanol plant that will produce Greenfield’s industry-leading, low carbon intensity biofuels for years to come,” he said.

“Greenfield Global will continue to invest in the plant to supply the lowest carbon intensity ethanol,” Dekker added. “We have a strong pipeline of low CI opportunities we are evaluating for additional improvements.”

Dekker said restart of the Winnebago facility has created more than 50 local jobs. He also noted that work to update and resume operations at the facility was completed during the COVID-19 public health emergency. “It’s a true testament to our combined team that Greenfield was able to update and re-start the Winnebago plant safely during the height of the global pandemic,” he said.

 “Our team has been hard at work to restart the facility to meet Greenfield’s best practices and industry-leading standards since announcing the acquisition of the shuttered facility in October 2020,” Dekker added. “We are excited to join ethanol producers in the United States and appreciate the opportunity to work closely with the local community, re-establish an additional market for local corn growers, and bring great paying jobs back to the area.”