RFA praises Ford's FFV hybrid technology

By | March 01, 2006
At the Washington Auto Show in January, Ford Motor Company unveiled a prototype Escape Hybrid E85, a sports utility vehicle that can run on regular gasoline, hybrid electric power and E85. The company is billing it as the first hybrid E85 vehicle of its kind. According to the RFA, and based on a 30-miles-per-gallon (mpg) average, the Hybrid E85 could get approximately 135 mpg of gasoline, drastically reducing gasoline use. "American consumers are letting their wallets and pocketbooks do the talking," Dinneen said. "They want more hybrids, and they want to reduce the use of oil in their cars and trucks. Ford's decision to combine hybrid technology in a flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV) is good for consumers, good for the economy, good for farmers and good for America."