Dinneen urges automakers to join renewable fuels revolution

By | March 01, 2006
Two days before the Washington Auto Show, Dinneen wrote a letter to the head of U.S. operations for both Honda and Toyota, urging them to reconsider their decisions not to market FFVs. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, both automakers downplayed the importance of renewable fuels like ethanol in the United States.

Honda's vice president expressed concern that American consumers would be turned off by less fuel-efficient ethanol, even if the fuel becomes more readily available. Toyota's national manager of advanced technology in the United States said Toyota doesn't believe "corn-based ethanol is environmentally friendly" or a "sustainable solution."

Dinneen encouraged both companies to reconsider their positions, and he used Ford Motor Company and General Motors as examples of how to successfully market FFVs to American drivers.

For copies of the letters, visit www.ethanolrfa.org/media/press/rfa/.