Business Briefs

News and business announcements from the April issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine, including Alto Ingredients acquisition of Eagle Alcohol Co., Lincolnland Agri-Energy adopting ICM's APP, and POET Portland completing construction on CO2 addition.
By Ethanol Producer Magazine | February 21, 2022

Summit Carbon Solutions announces director of carbon programs
Summit Carbon Solutions has announced that Ben Nelson has joined the company as director of carbon programs. Nelson has over 20 years of experience leading business strategy and commercial execution, including 15 years at Nutrien and its portfolio companies.

Nelson will play a critical role in Summit Carbon Solutions’ efforts to become agriculture’s premier decarbonization platform by helping growers understand and monetize their farm-level carbon impact, and supporting efforts through the value chain as global demand increases for low-carbon products and high-quality removal credits.

“Summit Carbon Solutions is positioned to work with many stakeholders, influencing policy and practices that drive carbon removal and economic benefits across the ag supply chain,” said Nelson. “I’m excited to join the largest carbon removal project in the world. The 31 ethanol plant partners that have already committed to Summit Carbon Solutions are connected to 40 million acres of farmland across Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota.”

Alto Ingredients acquires Eagle Alcohol Co.
Alto Ingredients Inc., a leading producer of specialty alcohols and essential ingredients, has acquired Eagle Alcohol Co. LLC, a top distributor of specialty alcohols headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. The acquisition is expected to be immediately accretive and grow adjusted EBITDA by as much as $9 million annually in 2023 and beyond, including expected synergies.

Eagle specializes in break bulk distribution of specialty alcohols. The company purchases bulk alcohol from suppliers, including Alto. Then it stores, denatures, packages and resells alcohol products in smaller sizes, including tank trucks, totes and drums, that garner a premium to bulk alcohols. Eagle delivers products to customers in the beverage, food, pharma and related-process industries via its own dedicated trucking fleet and common carrier. The company generated over $35 million in revenues in 2021. Eagle is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Alto, and its former president, Dan Croghan, will remain with the company and has been named vice president of Alto and general manager of Eagle. Croghan and his team bring over 60 years of combined experience and expertise in the chemical and alcohol distribution industry.

Lincolnland becomes latest adopter of Advanced Processing Package
ICM has signed a second contract this year to install its trademarked Advanced Processing Package (APP), which will enable Lincolnland Agri-Energy to produce high-protein animal feed at its facility in Illinois.

APP includes four patented and patent-pending separation technologies: Selective Milling Technology, Fiber Separation Technology Next Gen, Feed Optimization Technology and Thin Stillage Solids Separation System.

Lincolnland has been using Selective Milling Technology to increase oil and ethanol yields since 2012. ICM will install the other APP technologies this spring, completing installation by the end of 2022.

APP mechanically separates corn into clean piles of fiber, oil, solubles, protein and enhanced protein with yeast. Lincolnland will use these feed components to produce a yeast-enriched 50% protein feed trademarked as ProtoMax, a high-energy feed referred to as Solbran, and DDGS.

Since APP allows plants to adjust the type and quantity of feed they produce, Lincolnland can customize its offerings based on market demands.

POET Portland completes construction on renewable CO2 addition
POET, the world’s largest biofuels producer, has completed construction on an addition to its Portland, Indiana, facility. This addition allows the biorefinery to capture renewable CO2, a coproduct of POET’s bioethanol production process, to be sold for commercial use.

POET’s renewable CO2 is a part of the all-natural POET Pure line of bioproducts that meets the most stringent requirements for quality and purity. According to the company, it is the highest-grade sustainable liquid carbon dioxide on the market.

“Carbon capture has proven to be not only a really exciting business opportunity for POET, but it’s great for the planet as well,” said Brad Jones, POET’s director of business development for carbon dioxide. “CO2 is already a part of the natural growing cycle of corn. The CO2 our facilities produce is reabsorbed by the upcoming corn crop, meaning no new CO2 is added to the atmosphere. So, our regenerative process results in a CO2 product that’s one of the most sustainable on the market.”