USGC: Japanese manga book highlights benefits of ethanol use

By U.S. Grains Council | April 28, 2022

To help educate policymakers and industry officials in Japan on the benefits of ethanol use, a group of energy experts in the country has created an ethanol manga book, a type of comic book or graphic novel that originates from the country. Tommy Hamamoto, the U.S. Grains Council’s (USGC’s) director in Japan, and USGC Consultant Shinya Yokoyama contributed to the creation of the book.

Comprised of six sections released periodically since August 2021, the book covers topics including an overview of what ethanol is; ethanol initiatives in Japan; Japan’s current ethanol policy; and what 2050 could look like with the help of ethanol.

Also featuring Takuma Sato, a two-time Japanese Indianapolis 500 race winner, the book reminds readers that fuel ethanol is a tool for greenhouse gas emission reduction, a consideration for carbon neutral businesses in Japan. Sato was the first Asian driver to win the Indy 500, and the twentieth driver to win the race more than once.

Following the release of the final segment, the book was officially published on March 16. It has since been shared with ethanol stakeholders and is for sale online and in bookstores across Japan.

“This book is an excellent ‘Ethanol 101’ reference even for influential policymakers, influencers and journalists to increase their knowledge about ethanol,” Hamamoto said.

The Council plans to continue sharing the book with different Japanese news outlets to increase awareness of the benefits of ethanol in the country.

View the complete ethanol manga book.