U.S. ethanol imports rebound

By Jessica Ebert | March 10, 2008
Web exclusive posted April 7, 2008 at 10:48 a.m. CST

Data compiled and recently released by the Energy Information Administration shows that the United States increased its imports of fuel ethanol in January. Imports dipped from 985,000 barrels in October 2007 to 380,000 barrels in November, to the year's lowest figures 198,000 barrels in December. However, imports rebounded to 495,000 barrels, nearly 21 million gallons, in January.

The majority of the imported fuel came from countries in the Caribbean and Central America. According to the EIA, Jamaica led with exports totaling 204,000 barrels, followed by Costa Rica exporting 128,000 barrels. Trinidad and Tobago each exported 97,000 barrels, El Salvador exported 63,000 barrels, followed by Canada with 2,000 barrels and Brazil with 1,000 barrels.

ConocoPhillips, which brought in 128,000 barrels from Costa Rica, had the highest import ethanol figure among companies. Shell, which imported two shipments of ethanol from Jamaica, was second with a total of 109,000 barrels; Cargill imported 95,000 barrels from Jamaica; Vitol SA Inc. imported its 63,000 barrels from El Salvador; and CHS Inc., purchased all of the ethanol reportedly exported into the United States from Canada.