White Energy awards multisite project to Pavilion Technologies

By Erin Voegele | June 02, 2008
Web exclusive posted June 23, 2008 at 12:36 p.m. CST

Dallas-based ethanol producer White Energy Inc. has awarded a multisite project to model-based software provider Pavilion Technologies, an Austin, Texas-based division of Rockwell Automation Inc. White Energy will be implementing Pavilion Technologies' Model Predictive Control (MPC) technology and Production Performance Management (PPM) applications at its three plants in Russell, Kan., and Hereford and Plainview, Texas.

"Pavilion has an impressive record and reputation for providing major and sustainable benefits to ethanol producers," said David Diwik, president and chief executive officer of White Energy. "This project will help maximize plant performance, increase ethanol yield, and reduce energy consumption, helping us meet our goal of becoming one of the most efficient producers of ethanol in the biofuels industry."

Pavilion's MPC technology creates a complete model of the production process that predicts and analyzes variable process parameters to optimize each step of production, including milling and cooking, fermentation, distillation and sieving, as well as stillage.

The PPM applications provide instant predictive assessments of a plant's production performance, allowing proactive decisions to be made in a timely and accurate manner and increasing profitability through opportunity identification and cost avoidance.

"I've spent more than 15 years in ethanol plant operations and strive to get every last ounce of ethanol out of a plant and a bushel of corn," said Ron Dunbar, vice president of operations for White Energy. "The Pavilion solution will help us do exactly that - maximize our resources while helping our plants run at top efficiency and capacity."

Pavilion Technologies has installed its MPC ethanol solution in more than 30 ethanol plants, helping customers increase production, improve product consistency and reduce energy consumption.

"We are very proud that White Energy has chosen Pavilion Technologies to help continually improve its long-term performance and production," said Ralph Carter, director of Pavilion Technologies. "Their investment will provide great returns, and we look forward to delivering major results."

White Energy was founded to develop, fund and manage business opportunities focused on renewable energy sources. The company, currently operating three ethanol plants, is the largest producer of ethanol in Texas. During the next several years, White Energy plans to increase its production capacity through technology development, the acquisition of operating plants, development projects, and internally-developed greenfield sites in the ethanol sector.