Report: U.S. leads biofuels production

By Ryan C. Christiansen | July 08, 2008
Web exclusive posted August 4, 2008 at 10:20 a.m. CST

According to a new report, the United States will continue to lead the world in the production of biofuels, especially ethanol, through 2017. The report, titled "U.S. Biofuel Market Analysis," was produced by RNCOS, a market research and information analysis company in Delhi, India.

In recent years, U.S. ethanol production has reached 4.9 billion gallons per year in 2006, an increase of 1 billion gallons over 2005. According to the report, the United States will continue to grow in ethanol production capacity due to rising domestic demand for the fuel, continued support from the federal government in the renewable fuels standard (RFS) policy, an increase in the number of new ethanol plants and projects, and the expansion of existing plant operations. As well, increasing concern about feedstock prices "has opened a smooth growth path" for cellulosic ethanol projects, the report said.

While ethanol production will continue to thrive, U.S. biodiesel production will require new technologies for producing the fuel and stronger support from the federal government if it is to continue to grow, according to the report. Ultimately, however, the report said biodiesel prices will decline and the United States will see an increase in commercial usage of the fuel through 2015.