Iogen doubles cellulosic ethanol production

By | January 04, 2010
Press release posted Jan. 11, 2010

OTTAWA - Iogen Corp. today announced that its cellulosic ethanol production in 2009 topped 581,000 litres, more than doubling the firm's 2008 fuel production, and surpassing the one million litre mark in cumulative production since 2004.

"This achievement is second to none. Iogen remains at the technological forefront of cellulosic ethanol development. We've been operating our demonstration facility since 2004, and today's production achievement is a clear demonstration of our technology and the viability of commercial scale production," says Brian Foody, Iogen CEO. "Now that we have achieved this milestone, we will continue down a path toward
growth, delivering results that enhance value for our partners, and continue to lead in the dynamic cellulosic ethanol industry."

"This announcement is proof that Iogen is delivering on the promise of cellulosic ethanol. Advanced renewable fuels such as cellulosic ethanol will play a critical role in meeting future energy demands, and Iogen is playing a vitally important role in the commercialization of this technology," says Gordon Quaiattini, president of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association.

About Iogen:
Iogen is a leading biotechnology firm specializing in cellulosic ethanol - a fully renewable transportation fuel made from
agricultural residue that can be used in today's cars. The Company has been producing cellulosic ethanol at its Ottawa
demonstration plant since 2004. Iogen also develops, manufactures and markets enzymes used to modify and improve
the processing of natural fibers within the textile, animal feed and pulp and paper industries. In operation since 1974,
Iogen is a privately held company located in Ottawa, Canada. For more information, visit