Mcgyan partnership to be announced at FEW

By | April 15, 2010
Posted April 29, 2010

Biodiesel/Ethanol Analytical Solutions (BAS/EAS) and Mcgyan Biodiesel LLC formed a partnership to commercialize the Mcgyan biodiesel processing technology—an ultrafast catalyst technology that, in seconds, converts inexpensive high free fatty acid feedstocks into biodiesel that meets or exceeds all ASTM D 6751 quality tests.

The Mcgyan technology also can be utilized at ethanol plants with the oil extracted from distillers dried grains with solubles being used as a biodiesel feedstock. EAS will be officially releasing this partnership and exhibiting at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop June 14-17 in St. Louis.

According to Mark Fashian, president of BAS/EAS, Delaware, Ohio, a one-stop-shop for outfitting biodiesel and ethanol analytical labs, BAS/EAS was looking for processing technology to sell along with its laboratory equipment.

"Now, we're a one-stop shop for biodiesel processors," Fashian said. Steven Rupp, president of McGyan Biodiesel in Anoka, Minn., said the technology is based on a fixed bed flow-through reactor that can process up to 100 percent free fatty acids without consuming catalyst, without using large amounts of water, without producing glycerin or soap products, without needing to use strong acids or bases, and without needing a large footprint to do so.

According to the partnership agreement, BAS will do the sales and marketing of the Mcgyan technology, which Rupp said he plans to license rather than build and operate plants. Mcgyan will focus on site selection, technology licensing, plant design, plant engineering services, remote plant monitoring, supply of catalyst and other plant equipment, plant management, plant operator training, feedstock procurement, and marketing of the end product.