New micro-video shows benefit of alternative fuels

By Holly Jessen | November 09, 2011

“Alternative fuel isn’t just the future of energy—it’s the future of energy independence.” That’s the message of a new minute-long video released Nov. 9 by Pearson Fuels.

Made possible with the support from the Renewable Fuels Association and the American Coalition for Ethanol, the animated video is intended to educate and attract attention to the importance of alternative fuels. “With the election season ramping up and daily conversations occurring in the media around budget cuts and tax policy, it is important that the public be educated on a few facts about alternative fuels,” said Pearson Fuels co-founder Mike Lewis.

The video highlights the fact that alternative fuels displace foreign oil as well as providing jobs for Americans.  “Alternative fuel industry members know these facts and take this information for granted, but we need to get the general public up to speed on this information,” Lewis said. “Once Americans understand the benefits of alternative fuel, they can demand the same from their government leaders.”

The video, “Fuel Better in 60 Seconds,” is on display at and will be promoted by RFA and ACE. “Frankly I hope it’s a beginning of a series of [educational videos,]” Lewis told EPM. The short videos could be used to help counteract the criticism and misinformation out there about ethanol, such as food vs. fuel. Lewis envisions a future video showing cows eating corn as well as distillers grains coming out of an ethanol plant. Another video could highlight the flow of funds to foreign countries for petroleum.  “I think the industry needs some things like this,” he said.

The RFA is pleased to see Pearson Fuel’s active role in educating consumers, says Robert White, director of market development for RFA. “Many Americans don’t realize the contributions that alternative fuels like ethanol make to the economy and our environment,” he said. “Pearson did a great job in getting the message across in an educational and entertaining way.”

The company is a leader in alternative fuels on the West Coast and is continuing that leadership by releasing this video, says Ron Lamberty, vice president and director of market development for ACE. “The video shows the stark comparisons between oil and alternative fuels, and reminds people why we developed ethanol and other alternatives to petroleum,” he said. “Hopefully this video will help people realize that they do have choices other than oil, and through the efforts and investment of companies like Pearson, those alternative fuel choices are available to more and more people.”

California-based Pearson Fuels provides alternative fuels, including E85, biodiesel, natural gas, propane, hydrogen, electric charging for vehicles and more, to public and government entities. The company got its start in 2003 as the nation’s first alternative fuel station and also pioneered the first E85 station on the West Coast.