Iowa dedicates $1 million more for renewable fuels infrastructure

By Kris Bevill | May 11, 2012

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Board is accepting applications through May 18 for cost-share funding to assist with the installation of ethanol and biodiesel equipment at retail stations and wholesale distribution centers. Approximately $1 million is available for this round of funding, which is the final round in a program that was awarded $3 million from the state legislature for fiscal year 2012. Retail stations are eligible to receive up to $50,000 per project if they commit to selling renewable fuels for at least five years. Up to $30,000 per project is available to retailers who make a three-year sales commitment. Distributors are eligible to receive up to $100,000, but they must commit to handling renewable fuels for five years and are also required to provide 50 percent matching funds in order to receive the grant.

“Iowa is the national leader in production of ethanol and biodiesel and this program is designed to help make sure customers have access to these clean, homegrown renewable energy choices,” Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey said in a news release. “This program demonstrates the long-term commitment by Iowa to renewable fuels and I encourage both large and small fuel retailers to consider applying for assistance.”

Retailers are able to apply for grants for E85 pumps, ethanol blender pumps or biodiesel pumps. The Iowa Corn Promotion Board and the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association have offered to partner with retailers who install E85 or blender pumps for grand opening celebrations, providing up to $1,000 for promotional activities. The Iowa Soybean Association and the IRFA are providing the same offer to biodiesel retailers.  

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Board consists of eleven members who are appointed by the governor. The board will consider all applications received by the May 18 deadline during a June 6 meeting.