RFA partners with Car-Talk host to educate automotive technicians

By Bobby Likis Car Clinic Network | October 04, 2012

Lights, camera, action! Automotive Expert and Car-Talk Host Bobby Likis is packing up the Car Clinic state-of-the-art show trailer with full crew and is hitting the road to the CARS Congress of Automotive Service & Repair (CARS) event during Automotive Service and Repair Week in New Orleans next week. The Renewable Fuels Association and Ricardo Engineering will trade wheels for wings, flying from Washington, DC and Detroit, respectively, into the Big Easy to partner with Likis to educate, enlighten and engage automotive technician attendees, automotive industry participants and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), aka carmakers.

In Car Clinic booth C1153, Likis will spotlight industry movers and shakers in a series of interviews live from the CARS floor—which will also be videocast live on http://www.WatchBobbyLive.com--on Oct.11, and Oct. 12, at 10 a.m.-11a.m. and 1:30 p.m-2:30 p.m. On Oct.13, the Saturday episode of nationally syndicated “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” will also be videocast live at WatchBobbyLive.com from 10 a.m.-12n ET. Likis, a 41-year successful technician, rear-engine dragster builder, and automotive shop owner, predicts, “Booth C1153 will be an automotive service industry free-for-all: free info-tainment, free facts to propel automotive technicians into the future and free passion for the industry.”

In RFA booth C1047, the Ricardo Extreme Boost Direct Injection engine—optimized for the high-octane properties of ethanol—will take center stage. Matti Vint, Ricardo’s chief engineer, of powertrain controls; John Kasab , chief engineer of innovations and chemical technology; and Chris Talwar, senior director of business development will show-and-tell the science behind the design, engineering, and documented performance of the ethanol-optimized EBDI engine which will be in its GMC Sierra testbed in the RFA booth. Half-hour presentations are scheduled for Thursday and Friday at 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Also in the RFA booth will be  Kristy Moore, RFA’s vice president of technical services, who is widely recognized as the industry contact for fuel ethanol, quality, regulatory & environmental issues; is an active participant in ASTM International; and is an industry expert for the American National Standards Institute on the ISO  Council Task Force. Among other topics, Moore will talk about introducing E15, E85 and blender pumps into the marketplace.

On Saturday, October 13, at 1:30 p.m. at the National Automotive Service Task Force session, Likis, Vint and Moore will present “Ethanol Myth Busters.” Fact or Myth: Ethanol ruins engine performance? Ethanol causes service/repair issues? Consumers don't want ethanol? Automakers will be using technologies like EBDI engines to help meet mandated CAFE 54.5 mpg standards ... and automotive technicians should be educated on these to improve OEM/tech communication? Some fact; some myth. Attendees will find out what's what—with substantiation—at the “Ethanol Myth Busters” presentation.