Monsanto to acquire Rosetta Green

By Erin Voegele | February 07, 2013

Israel-based Rosetta Green has entered into an agreement to sell most of its assets to Monsanto Co. for $35 million. According to financial information filed by Rosetta Green in Israel, Monsanto will purchase all of the assets, property, rights and obligations of the company, including all intellectual property, with the exception of a small number of assets specified in the purchase agreement. The exceptions include an insurance claim and various tax rebates.

A Monsanto spokeswoman confirmed to Ethanol Producer Magazine that the company has agreed to acquire Rosetta Green’s assets, pending government approval. She was unable to offer further details on the transaction.

According to information published by Rosetta Green, its core technology centers on MicroRNAs, which are short RNA molecules that regulate gene expression. The company uses its technology to develop plants with improved traits, such as drought tolerance and increased oil content. Regarding biofuels, the company has several projects and collaborations, including those related to development of castor bean, jatropha, soybean, corn and sorghum feedstocks.