Brazil sugar, ethanol production expected to increase this year

By Erin Voegele | May 01, 2013

Brazil’s Agricultural Trade Office has filed its annual sugar report with the USDA Global Agricultural Information Network. According to the document, Brazil’s marketing year 2013-’14 sugarcane crop is forecast to reach 640 million metric tons, a 48.9 metric ton increase over last year’s 591.1 million metric ton harvest. The increase is attributed to good weather conditions and adequate renewal of sugarcane stocks. The GAIN report projects that 52 percent of the harvest will be used as feedstock for ethanol production.

Total sugarcane area is estimated to be up 50,000 hectares from last year, reaching 9.8 million hectares. The yields are also projected to increase to a forecasted 136.44 kilograms (kg )of total reducing sugars (TRS) per metric ton. This is a 1.15 kg increase from the 2012-’13 level of 135.29 kg TRS per metric ton.

A larger percent of the total sucrose content of the harvest is expected to be diverted to ethanol production this year. Last year 50 percent of the sugar harvested was manufactured into ethanol. This year that is projected to increase to 52 percent. Total ethanol production during the 2013-’14 marketing year is expected to reach 26.82 billion liters (7.09 billion gallons). The Brazil Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply currently estimates that 23.35 billion liters of ethanol was produced using the 202012-’13 crop, through Feb. 28.

The report also addresses Brazilian ethanol and imports from marketing years 2011-’12 2012-’13. During marketing year 2011-’12, an estimated 483 million liters of ethanol was exported to the U.S., the largest volume exported to any country. South Korea was the second top destination for Brazilian ethanol, followed by Japan, Trinidad Tobago and Jamaica. Exports to the U.S. increased to 1.768 billion liters in marketing year 2012-’13. Jamaica was the second largest market for exports during that marketing year, followed by South Korea, El Salvador, the Netherlands and Japan.

Brazil imported 965 million liters of ethanol from the U.S. during marketing year 2011-’12. The volume dropped to 111 million liters in marketing year 2012-’13.