Sweden's SEKAB partners to handle Russian ethanol

By SEKAB | May 30, 2013

SEKAB, a Sweden-based  player in the field of ethanol-based chemicals and biofuels, has announced a partner agreement with Wine & Agro LLP. According to the agreement, SEKAB will act as a sales agent for the marketing and sale of Russian high quality bioethanol in the European market. 

The production of high quality bioethanol in Europe is limited, so this new partnership will increase the availability for the European consumers and offer more choices. SEKAB’s many years of experience in supply and logistics ensure that Wine & Agro can offer their customers only the highest quality at an optimal price/performance ratio. 

“SEKAB is proud to be able to provide its clients with ethanol of the highest quality, something which the market has demanded for a long time,” said Ylwa Alwarsdotter, senior vice president of market development at SEKAB. “The new partnership broadens SEKAB’s extensive product portfolio and further strengthens the company’s position as a market leader for ethanol-based chemicals and biofuels.” 

Wine & Agro operates by Swiss independent director and has 10 years of experience in trading wine materials from Europe and Latin America to Russia. The company owns a state-of-the-art export harbor for ethanol in Russia and a newly built special ethanol terminal in Vyborg. The terminal has a tank and pipeline system to segregate different grades. Vyborg is also equipped for efficient handling of containers and rail tank cars. 

Wine & Agro LLP has a long standing cooperation agreement with one of the leading Russian bioethanol producer.

The odourless and tasteless neutral alcohol is normally used in the beverage, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. The bioethanol can be undenatured, denatured or delivered in bioethanol mixtures. Other suitable end uses are as feedstock for the chemical industry. The high quality bioethanol is produced in multi-step rectifications and through the use of water.  The raw materials are residues from sugar production, molasses, but also other raw materials are available. Russia is a very experienced ethanol producer and the Russian vodka is world famous.