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SmartFlow Technologies, Inc.

Jason Bell

Chief Applications Scientist


[email protected]



SmartFlow Technologies, Inc.

USA based manufacturer of HSTFF™ membrane filtration and separation systems for thin stillage applications •Higher oil recoveries •Enabling technology to facilitate reduction of Carbon Intensity Score •Reduces evaporator energy consumption •Significantly reduces evaporator fouling •Minimize TSS sent to evap and backset stream •Enables highly digestible protein stream •Reduces de-emulsification chemical use •Enables tuning for optimal enzyme dosing (small fines removed by absolute filtration tech) •Decrease backset volume

3308 Lee Avenue

Sanford, NC 27332

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SmartFlow Technologies, Inc. Category Location

  • Equipment & Services - Corn Oil Recovery
  • Equipment & Services - Filtration Equipment
  • Equipment & Services - Evaporators
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