June 2005

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NBB In Sight

By Joseph Jobe


Legal Perspective

By Mark Hanson & Todd Guerrero


Talking Point

By Dennis Rogoza


Proposed Biodiesel Plant List: 2005

By Ron Kotrba, Dave Nilles, Jessica Williams, and Tom Bryan

Biodiesel Magazine presents its inaugural roundup of proposed biodiesel plants from across the United States and Canada. More than 30 plants are highlighted from the pre-feasibility stage to the near-construction stage, indicating the large potential for growth in the industry.

Close up of a 400-cells-per-square-inch NOx trap

Knocking out NOx

By Ron Kotrba

Biodiesel's increased NOx emissions continue to be the mainstay of critics' arguments against the widespread use of the renewable fuel. But with technological advancements driven by compliance with federal regulations aiming to virtually eliminate diesel NOx emissions, the strength of these arguments is equivalent to that of a house of cards.

A Worley & Obetz tractor-trailer prepares for a delivery of AmeriGreen biodiesel at one of its card-lock stations in Manheim, Pa.

Embracing the New

By Tom Bryan

Manheim, Pa.-based Worley & Obetz has been in the petroleum distribution business for nearly 60 years. Now, as the company expands at an astonishing pace, it's growing with a new product-biodiesel-without letting go of its conservative base.

Lenberg works on engine parts in preparation of biodiesel testing.

Embarking on Biodiesel

By Jessica Williams

First class cadets in the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, sponsored by the Coast Guard Office of Naval Engineering, are in the midst of a three-phase biodiesel research project, and are discovering the challenges of taking a concept out of the classroom and implementing it in the real world.

The In Situ Method

By Ron Kotrba

The relatively low cost and high availability of U.S. soybeans have led to their widespread use as the precursory feedstock for a majority of biodiesel production here today. Once the oil extraction and refining costs are factored in, however, the price tag can climb outside the realm of competitive viability. Enter visionary biochemist Michael Haas-a man shifting the paradigm of biodiesel production.

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