October 2002

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The Way I See It

By Mike Bryan


Environmentally friendly design eliminates emissions concerns for Watertown, S.D. producer

As 2003 approaches, U.S. distillers grains from ethanol production will approach four million tons per year, double the amount produced five years ago

Wet distillers grains has advantages beyond economics

Markham started with Pillsbury after college in 1981, now leads disitllers grains marketing powerhouse in Minneapolis

Since 1991, SweetPro has been using DDGS as the principle ingredient in several of its patented cattle feed products, including lick barrels and bagged feed products

During the week of October 14th, a group of 19 representatives from Germany, many of which were sugar producers, toured three ethanol facilities in Kansas and Nebraska.

Variability in digestible lysine levels in DDGS effects the value of swine feed products

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