February 2011

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Business Briefs

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Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff


Consumer Choice: A PetroServe USA customer fills his flex-fuel vehicle with E30 from one of the station’s blender pumps. Statistics show that consumption of ethanol in North Dakota has skyrocketed since the state implemented its blender pump progra

Blending to the Top

By Kris Bevill

Sparsely populated North Dakota leads the U.S. in blender pumps.

E85 Rallies: The proprietary ethanol blend, Ignite fuel, was used by race car driver Stephan Verdier during the summer X Games. Verdier races in RallyCross and Formula D.

Green Flags for E85

By Holly Jessen

Ethanol has big fans in the racing crowd and they are revving up its use.

Pairing Up: Propel Fuels Inc. negotiates lease-type agreements with retail gas station owners in order to place its Clean Fuel Point dispensers at their stations.

Pumping Up E85

By Kris Bevill

Propel Fuels aggressively addresses California's dire need for infrastructure.

Diversification and unification were underlying themes at the annual Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit.

The Edison2 team abandoned electric car technology to meet the requirements of the X Prize with a super light, super efficient E85-optimized car—and won.

Multiple studies tout the potential of energy crops to contribute to a fossil fuel-free lifestyle. But barriers block the path in most countries treading it.

Planting energy crops on marginal lands could offer landowners a way to supplement current yields, and multiple ongoing tests seek to determine just how viable the practice could be.

Established by a family-owned greenhouse vegetable business, New Energy Farms plans to wear several hats in the global miscanthus energy market.

Clean diesel technology greatly improves efficiency and emissions profiles of compression-ignition power

How biodiesel makes a good thing—diesel-electric hybrid technology—even better

GROWING UP: Each year the EVX team consists of roughly 10 to 15 high school students, and each year several of the former team members return to check in on the new members.

The Greatest Benefit

By Luke Geiver

How the EVX Hybrid team from West Philly High School does biodiesel


A methodical approach ensures safety issues are considered and multiple hazards are accounted for.

With external factors looking unfavorable, producers should look to internal variables.

Ancient Art of Falconry an Asset in Avian Pest Control

By Stephen Bucciarelli & Melanie Paterack

Avian infestations can create safety and health hazards, affecting ethanol plant revenue.

The redesigned Biomass Crop Assistance Program may have some shortcomings when it comes to funding and longevity, but it still provides significant opportunities for making new biomass materials economically viable for energy production.

Harvesting woody biomass is “preventive medicine” for our forests and just what the doctor ordered for timber-dependent communities.

Flowability: A Complex Issue

By John Chandler Sr.

Understanding and preventing biodiesel-related filter blocking issues

A new study demonstrates that biodiesel produced from Canadian canola reduces life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent compared to fossil diesel

How Jatro Super, a new biodiesel process from Jatrodiesel, addresses shortfalls of conventional methyl ester refining

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