July 2013

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Business Briefs

Lamberty’s 30 years of experience in the ethanol industry and as fuel retailer and station owner will provide him with a unique perspective.

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff


This is War!

By Mike Bryan


Positioning for Success

By Chris J. Zygarlicke


Mendota Bioenergy's plan to turn energy beets to ethanol moves to demonstration scale in California's San Joaquin Valley.

Keeping an ethanol plant in compliance with environmental rules and regulations isn't just a one-person job.

American Process applies forestry products know-how to cellulosic conversion.

Bruce Dale urges careful thought about energy and agriculture.

Industry representatives from 26 countries met in St. Louis, June 10-13, for the world's largest and longest- running ethanol conference.

Austin Dillon shares his earliest memories of a life spent in motorsports, his love of dirt track racing and the role ethanol plays in NASCAR's sustainability push.

FIRST FIRE UP: NREL demonstrates proof of concept for its small modular biopower unit.

Rise of the Portables

By Chris Hanson

Small-scale power solutions tap into waste streams and local biomass.


Independent producers will require new strategies to stay viable.

No part of the corn kernel goes unexplored.

Community-based biomass projects restore economic vitality and forest health, but funding forest restoration—the lifeblood of many projects— poses challenges.


JACK OF TRADES: Dale McLaughlin has held his position of director of plant operations for over 15 years.

Why We Did It

By Anna Simet

Maine's Millinocket Regional Hospital is the first hospital in Maine. to bring on line a wood pellet-fired heating system.

BioLite's wood-fired cook stoves are bringing clean, reliable power to people in developing countries.

Zero-emissions, grid independence and fuel flexibility are driving growth in the biogas-powered fuel cell market.

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