July 2015

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Business Briefs


Business Briefs

By Staff


Mike Bryan

Ignorance or Ignoring is Bliss

By Mike Bryan

Ben Bell-Walker

Thermal Incentives Heat Up

By Ben Bell-Walker and Joseph Seymour


New research suggests that ethanol producers can improve the long-term storage stability of distillers grains and distillers corn oil.

Researchers hope phytate replicates the corn oil extraction success story, but the history of zein shows it can be a slow and difficult road to success.

Poet partners to fight pollution and deforestation in Haiti with ethanol cookstoves.

Consumer-driven changes peck their way up the food chain to distillers grains producers.

Biomass's role in the federal Clean Power Plan is up in the air, but the industry hopes for a smooth touchdown.

The Golden State has borderline personality disorder regarding promotion and discouragement of dairy biogas projects.


Growing industrial gas applications will diversify markets beyond carbonation.

Producers work to expand markets for sorghum distillers and oil.

Regulation of Europe-Bound US Wood Pellets

By Mark Aspinall and Virginia E. Worthy

Given that the U.S. is exporting a vast majority of wood pellets manufactured in the country, concerns arise as to whether the production and manufacturing process meets the statutory or regulatory requirements of those foreign markets.


First- and second-generation ethanol leaders discussed challenges, priorities and successes at the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop in Minneapolis.

While some states are juggling attempts to freeze, lower or dismantle state renewable portfolio standards, others are strengthening and fine-tuning them.

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