May 2022

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine



In the lower Central Valley, Calgren Renewable Fuels makes three biofuels—ethanol, biodiesel and renewable natural gas—and the latter operation just keeps growing.

Today's ethanol producers are looking for ways to maximize their efficiency, cut costs and reduce their CI score. A Florida-based technology provider has found a way to help plants do all three by utilizing waste heat from DDGS dryer exhaust.

Combining existing and new technologies, ICM is helping ethanol producers leap into high-protein feed production. The company is taking a unique approach to marketing, showing customers how its specialty equipment works to explain what it yields.

With the decarbonization movement underway, ethanol producers installing solar and wind power offer a blueprint—and benefit-reveal—for carbon intensity reduction. And they're not doing renewables alone, but in parallel with other low-CI strategies.

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