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Weighting On the Line

BY Tom BryanNone of Detroit’s Big Three—GM, Ford and Chrysler—show tangible signs of slowing down on FFVs right now. With the federal FFV production incentive being reduced, however, America's production of E85-capable cars, light trucks and SUVs may soon slow. READ MORE

The Curb Appeal of E15

BY Chris HansonU.S. station owners are starting to see the retail allure of gasoline containing a third more ethanol than today's standard blend. E15's early implementation has been steady yet challenging. Now, the pace of adoption appears to be quickening. READ MORE

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Natural gas prices hit upper boundary last month

BY Ben Straus, U.S. EnergyAlthough continued cold may lead to elevated demand levels, a key reason that prompt and long-term natural gas prices have not run higher is electricity generation. Gas demand for power generation could drop out of the market if prices get too high. READ MORE


More comfortable corn carryout-to-use ratio projected

BY Jason Sagebiel, FCStone The grains complex has been tiresome compared to the whirlwind proteins of late. A big carryout looms in corn, and demand from China has been in question. READ MORE

Ethanol prices take wild ride in December

BY Rick Kment, DTNEthanol prices saw a wild price shift in December leading to additional uncertainty through the ethanol and corn markets. Lack of active support in the corn market has kept corn prices hovering between $4.15 to $4.30 per bushel in the futures market. READ MORE

Container, truck logistics drive DDGS market dynamics

BY Sean Broderick, CHS Inc. In December, logistics were the primary market driver in the DDGS market. Whether in railcar turn times, empty container availability or even truck availability to move the product, transportation is affecting prices. READ MORE


In Defense of Ethanol

BY Susanne Retka SchillICM's Steve Vander Griend has immersed himself in understanding ethanol’s performance, both as a fuel and in the tests used by regulatory agencies. As one of the biofuel's top technical agents, he's working hard to true up ethanol emissions testing. READ MORE

E85 Pump Pros

BY Ron KotrbaPropel Fuels and Protec Fuel share similar names and the goal of making America’s highest ethanol blend pervasive in high-population, FFV-dense regions of the country. Will a curtailed RFS and flex-fuel vehicle uncertainty impede their progress? READ MORE

Kernel of Opportunity: Corn Fiber-to-Ethanol

BY Steffen Mueller Corn kernel fiber conversion technology holds great promise, but RIN integrity standards are paramount to the value and marketability of advanced ethanol derived from this exciting new pathway. Fortunately, quality assurance plan services are here. READ MORE

Going Small for Big Gains

BY Chris HansonAlthough expensive, fluorescent microscopy provides colorful insights on bacteria and yeast, the tiny organisms that impact ethanol production. Now, the arrival of budget-friendly models may put the technology in reach of more plant laboratories. READ MORE