Inside April 2014


The Sugar Producers

BY Susanne Retka SchillSweetwater Energy and Proterro, two companies using widely different approaches, aim for low-cost sugar that may give today’s corn ethanol plants a glide path into advanced ethanol production. They're in different stages, but share similar promise. READ MORE

Optimization Outlays

BY Ron KotrbaLearning while producing, KiOR plans to invest another $10 million to maximize production at its commercial-scale cellulosic biofuel plant in Mississippi. The company is building a foundation of operational and R&D experience for long-term success. READ MORE

Early Risers

BY Chris HansonFollowing multiyear feedstock procurement campaigns and vast investments of capital, resources and time, America’s first big cellulosic ethanol plants are nearing startup. EPM examines the progress of the Abengoa, Poet-DSM and DuPont facilities. READ MORE


Lignin’s Big Leap

BY Tom BryanStill seeking commercial-scale opportunities, Lignol continues to collaborate with companies that are eager to buy high-purity lignin in bulk. Is this abundant byproduct of pulp and paper milling and biorefining poised for new and higher uses? READ MORE