Inside May 2014


Biodiesel: Coming Soon to an Ethanol Plant Near You

BY Ron KotrbaThe concept of co-locating biodiesel production at ethanol plants is finally taking shape. READ MORE

Optimizing for More Oil

BY Susanne Retka SchillWith corn oil extraction widely implemented, the ethanol industry turns to improving yields and efficiency. READ MORE

Three Decades Strong

BY Tom BryanThe International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo will celebrate its 30th anniversary in June. With plant personnel making up more than a fourth of its 2,000 attendees, the world’s longest-running ethanol event is still “Where Producers Meet." READ MORE

Ready Markets Soak Up Corn Oil

BY Chris HansonDistillers corn oil, produced at the majority of ethanol plants today, is in high demand. READ MORE

Beyond Corn Oil Extraction

BY Holly JessenA new corn oil technology developed by a fluid purification company offers multiple coproducts, improved ethanol yield and water balance, and other benefits. READ MORE


Corn Oil Removal Impacts Carbon Accounting

BY James RammManaging carbon intensity values under California’s LCFS. READ MORE


Serving Those Who Serve

BY retired Army Gen. Wesley K. Clark

New Horizons

BY Bob Dinneen

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