Inside June 2014


Collaborative Growth Platform

BY Susanne Retka SchillGuardian Energy’s vision statement speaks to how the farmer-owned philosophy is applied in a maturing industry. READ MORE

‘Iron Sharpens Iron’

BY Holly JessenEthanol producers talk about the advantages of leveraging benchmarking data for a competitive edge. READ MORE

On-site RIN Collection

BY Chris HansonSome ethanol producers are capturing renewable identification numbers (RINs) and promoting higher ethanol blends. READ MORE

Regulation Meets Its Match

BY Ron KotrbaJeff Hove, vice president of RINAlliance, talks about the complex world of RFS compliance and RIN management. READ MORE

A Strong Voice in Indiana

BY Jim DukartA closer look at the organizations that speak for Hoosier corn growers in Indiana. Meet two staff members and two farmer board members. READ MORE


Experiment Design Validates Measurement Technology

BY Ron StitesAn inside look at solving the challenge of stabilizing samples and developing a new test methodology. READ MORE

Commodity-Based Fluctuations Require Proper Accounting in Financial Statements

BY Sara DeRooDecisions are better informed and more reliable when volatility is accounted for in a consistent, documented manner. READ MORE

What Natural Gas Customers Need to Know About Curtailment

BY Joe CooneyKnowing how the supply and cost of natural gas will affect a company’s operations is key to planning and weathering curtailment. READ MORE