Inside August 2014


Toolkit For Ethanol's Next Stage

BY Susanne Retka SchillForward-thinking producers will build on technological improvements implemented in recent years. READ MORE

Making Connections at FEW

BY Holly JessenThe 30th anniversary International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo was held in Indianapolis June 9-12. READ MORE

E15 Retailers Get Creative

BY Holly JessenFacing roadblocks from big name gasoline suppliers, nimble gas station owners change course to offer customers midlevel blends. READ MORE

Water Sage

BY Ron Kotrba Allan Bly, founder and CEO of U.S. Water Services, discusses the major role water—and his company—play in the ethanol industry. READ MORE


New Technology Reduces Natural Gas Consumption

BY Ed SanchezInstalling draft regulator in exhaust stack improves boiler operations, thermal efficiency. READ MORE