Inside October 2014


Boosting Biomass for Bioenergy

BY Katie Fletcher Many dedicated energy crops hold promise as feedstocks for next-generation ethanol. Extensive R&D is still needed, however, to overcome the challenges in making these plants viable for commercial applications. READ MORE

Victory For Project Liberty

BY Holly JessenWhat was once only a dream has become a reality with the grand opening ceremony of Project Liberty. READ MORE

Stover Pellets Pack in the Pounds

BY Susanne Retka SchillDensification reduces transportation cost, improves storability and could open new markets. Are pellets the future for corn stover? READ MORE

Ahead of His Time

BY Holly JessenThe idea of wet biomass storage has yet to catch on in the cellulosic industry, despite long-term use in the pulp and paper industry. READ MORE


Control System Upgrade Yields Greater Sustainability and Output

BY Mitch Miller Carbon Green BioEnergy's Mitch Miller details a plant turnaround effort. The company purchased a mothballed plant in Lake Odessa, Michigan, and brought it back online. READ MORE

Capturing the California 'Golden Gallon'

BY Geoff Cooper Ethanol producers need to learn their corn oil destination by working with marketers. READ MORE