Inside April 2015


The 2014 D3 RIN Leap—For Biogas

BY Susanne Retka SchillIntroducing renewable natural gas, the new player in the cellulosic RINs market. READ MORE

Yearning For New Yeasts

BY Susanne Retka SchillWhat’s holding up approvals for modified microorganisms? READ MORE

Fired Up 
By Lignin

BY Holly JessenThe three big U.S. cellulosic ethanol producers have different approaches to lignin and future coproduct possibilities. READ MORE

Green Expectations

BY Holly JessenA Florida algae-to-ethanol operation is poised to go commercial scale with a project colocated with a natural-gas-fired power plant. READ MORE


Attract a Megaproject to a Community Near You

BY Mark Yancey Advanced biofuel projects present significant economic development opportunities. READ MORE