Inside June 2015


How Deals Square Up

BY Tom BryanAfter a long stretch of profitability, there are few U.S. ethanol producers "approaching the table" to sell. But that could change. READ MORE

'Back to the Future' With N-butanol

BY Holly JessenA Minnesota ethanol plant is first in line to produce high-value renewable chemicals. READ MORE

Riding the Performance Curve

BY Susanne Retka SchillA good understanding of financial ratios is essential when making strategic plans. READ MORE

Follow the Money

BY Holly JessenAfter a period of incredible profitability, leaders in the ethanol industry are better positioned for thinner margins. READ MORE

Stepping Up to a Currency Molecule

BY Susanne Retka SchillSustainability drives growing interest in renewable chemicals from ethanol. READ MORE


New Laws, Rules Offer Options for Raising Capital

BY Todd Taylor Attempts to bring crowdfunding to industry fall short, but new mechanisms are available. READ MORE

Market Tools Help Identify, Manage Margins

BY Chip Whalen Volatility, a function of fluctuating prices for corn and natural gas inputs, is changing revenue values for ethanol, DDGS and corn oil. READ MORE

Small Changes Affect Sampling Methods

BY Edward “EJ” Juers A team effort determines the most accurate, efficient, cost-effective emission compliance testing. READ MORE

Long-Term Planning Mitigates Risks from Prolonged Downturns

BY Frank Baumgardt Advisors provide guidance and tools to achieve more sound financial footing. READ MORE

Ethanol Biorefinery Boosts Local Corn Production

BY Lyndon Anderson Blue Flint Ethanol stimulates corn expansion in McLean County, North Dakota. READ MORE