Inside July 2015


Cracking The Kernel For Higher Value Products

BY Susanne Retka SchillResearchers hope phytate replicates the corn oil extraction success story, but the history of zein shows it can be a slow and difficult road to success. READ MORE

Creating a Quality Image

BY Holly JessenNew research suggests that ethanol producers can improve the long-term storage stability of distillers grains and distillers corn oil. READ MORE

Wanted: Antibiotic-Free Chicken

BY Susanne Retka SchillConsumer-driven changes peck their way up the food chain to distillers grains producers. READ MORE

Stoves that Save

BY Janna Farley Poet partners to fight pollution and deforestation in Haiti with ethanol cookstoves. READ MORE


Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Opportunities Can Enhance Ethanol Projects

BY Sam A. Rushing Growing industrial gas applications will diversify markets beyond carbonation. READ MORE

Fueling the Sorghum Ethanol Coproducts Engine

BY Kelli Fulkerson Producers work to expand markets for sorghum distillers and oil. READ MORE