Inside January 2021


'Fiber Is the New Starch'

BY Lisa GibsonNovozymes has released a platform to convert more fiber to ethanol, giving producers an attractive 'D3 lift.' The company is also helping its customers navigate the low-carbon fuels marketplace, streamlining certification and assisting where it can. READ MORE

The Next Step

BY Lisa GibsonLallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits’ new Convergence platform merges its expertise in yield enhancement and enzyme expression. Other innovators have similar goals. READ MORE


SYNERXIA® Gemstone Collection - When ‘Best-of-Both’ Traits Shine

BY Tom BryanThe new glucoamylase-expressing yeasts within DuPont’s (now IFF*) SYNERXIA® Gemstone Collection are both high yielding and fundamentally robust. READ MORE

CTE Global Inc. - Rich Data, Real Relationships

BY Tom BryanEnzyme provider CTE Global is raising the bar on service with made-to-order testing and contextual plant data analysis from a single lab. READ MORE

45Q - The Drive to Qualify

BY Alex Tiller The road to qualifying for the 45Q tax credit can be confusing, with strict limitations on project phases and what constitutes start of construction. But, navigated properly, the credit is a promising opportunity. READ MORE


Grit and Growth

BY Lisa Gibson

Transatlantic Trade-Offs

BY Emmanuel Desplechin

Accelerating Demand

BY Brian Jennings

Business Briefs

Business Briefs

BY Ethanol Producer Magazine