Inside December 2021


Solutions at the Surface

BY Tom BryanPOET Founder and CEO Jeff Broin reflects on the growth of his company, its pledge to explore new technologies, discover new products and lead the industry toward ultra-low carbon bioethanol. READ MORE

Ethanol's Next Open Road

BY Tom BryanHaving just landed $17 million in funding, ClearFlame is poised to make ethanol-powered diesel engines a reality—and putting trucks on the road to prove it. READ MORE

Starting with Steel

BY Tom BryanMost ethanol plant upgrades require the installation of new tanks or vessels. The carbon and stainless steel they’re made from is super expensive right now, but fabricators are still getting orders. READ MORE

Grain Storage On The Grow

BY Tom BryanWith a third of U.S. ethanol plants producing 100 MMgy or more, and most wanting at least 30 days of bin capacity, onsite grain storage has evolved. READ MORE


Antibiotic Interactions in Ethanol Production: Sharing a Decade of Data

BY Jenny Forbes and Cam Fowler Evidence shows that effective drug combinations decrease the risk of bacterial contamination and antimicrobial resistance. Using antibiotics with two modes of action can provide wider microbe coverage and longer lasting fermentation activity. READ MORE


Business Briefs

Buisness Briefs

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