Inside January 2022


Pouring on Improvement

BY Matt ThompsonNew and improved yeasts—more robust and effective than ever—are helping ethanol producers optimize today while adapting for tomorrow. With input from producers, these enhanced fermentation products are being designed for superior fit and flexibility. READ MORE

Flying Up Close and Within

BY Susanne Retka SchillEthanol industry drone applications are soaring far beyond aerial photography. Plant personnel are now using the technology both around and inside their facilities. They're even gaining experience with technical confined space inspections. READ MORE

Wringing Out More Corn Oil

BY Holly JessenWhile most ethanol producers aren’t actively pursuing DCO yields over 1.2 pounds per bushel, the pursuit of ultra-high, or even theoretical maximum yield, is as compelling as it is consequential. Both the process and the market must be considered. READ MORE


Novel Use of Oxidizing Biocides to Increase Ethanol Yield

BY Reed Semenza A patented combination of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, blended in line and added to the fermenter via the mash cooler, appears to be effective in preventing ethanol loss from biofilm formation. Study results show multiple benefits. READ MORE

Your Needs Change, Your Yeast Can't

BY IFF The Xcelis Yeasts platform from IFF offers tailor-fit yeast and yeast blends to address ethanol producer needs—even as they vary over time. READ MORE