Inside February 2022


Reflections From The Hill

BY Tom BryanRenewable Fuels Association President and CEO Geoff Cooper talks about the state of ethanol, the industry's current regulatory priorities, and its footing under the Biden Administration. READ MORE

Directed By Data

BY Tom BryanWith support from fermentation product suppliers, ethanol producers are robustly integrating analytics into their decision making. Data-driven strategies are giving plant managers high-level insight into their processes, and the results are powerful. READ MORE

Conveying Change

BY Tom BryanGreen Plains Inc. CEO Todd Becker talks with Ethanol Producer Magazine about the company’s ongoing transformation, not away from its core products, but through them. READ MORE

Winnebago Online

BY Tom BryanAfter months of extensive repairs, a southern Minnesota ethanol plant—nearly three decades old and idled in 2019—is once again up and running. READ MORE