Inside July 2022


In Pursuit of Pure

BY Melissa Anderson San Diego-based Pearson Fuels is showing its wholesale customers that E85 can be made almost entirely from biobased inputs using ethanol and renewable naphtha. The demand is there, but will the latter ingredient become available at scale? READ MORE

The Ethanol Industry’s Commercial Capture

BY Katie Schroeder CO2 from corn ethanol plants is a great candidate for capture and sequestration because it is so clean. That also makes it a versatile and critical product for myriad commercial and industrial uses. READ MORE

Sequestering In Place

BY Luke GeiverPipeline aggregation of ethanol plant CO2 has captured industry attention, but stand-alone CCS projects might be uniquely positioned for early success. READ MORE

Landmark Moment

BY Katie Schroeder This spring, Homeland Energy Solutions LLC reached its two billionth gallon milestone, a production mark that gives special context to the Iowa ethanol plant’s 13 years of operation, expansion and change. READ MORE


Spotlight: SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions. CIP Solutions and Customer Relationships

BY Katie Schroeder SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions offers the ethanol industry three key services: deposit control, cleaning and corn oil extraction. The company offers a holistic approach to deposit control, tailoring solutions for each ethanol plant it serves. READ MORE