Inside November EPM


A Big Lift for Carbon Capture

BY Katie Schroeder The Inflation Reduction Act provides substantially enhanced benefits to U.S. carbon capture, utilization and sequestration projects. It should be ample incentive for developers to get more dirt moving. READ MORE

The Road Ahead for the RFS

BY Luke GeiverStarting now, the U.S. EPA—with input from other agencies—will have new guideposts and increased interpretive authority for determining the annual renewable volume obligations of the RFS. READ MORE

Ethanol HPLC: Making Standards More Specialized

BY Tom Bryan With an impeccable production partner, deep roots in ethanol and a customer base looking for tailored HPLC products, Enertech Solutions is elevating reference materials through customization and robust accreditation. READ MORE

Ethanol Plant CCS: Sequestration Sensors

BY Katie Schroeder With CCS expanding rapidly, there is an accompanying need for technology to monitor the CO2 underground. A North Dakota ethanol producer, environmental researcher and a geophysicist explain how it’s done. READ MORE

More Ethanol Needed North of the Border

BY Luke GeiverWith its new Clean Fuels Regulation in place, Canada is calling for more domestically produced biofuels while leaving the door open to record amounts of U.S. ethanol. READ MORE


MicoSeismic Delivers Key Ethanol Plant CCS Monitoring Technologies

BY Katie Schroeder MicroSeismic, a leading provider of passive seismic technology, provides 24/7 underground monitoring of carbon capture and sequestration projects for interested ethanol producers. READ MORE