RFA offers more reports and studies on its website

By Renewable Fuels Association | September 05, 2013

The Renewable Fuels Association has updated and greatly expanded the “Reports and Studies” section of its web site, offering fast and easy access to more than 230 research papers, technical analyses, and studies on a wide variety of ethanol-related issues.

“A tremendous amount of research has been conducted in recent years to examine the economic, environmental, and energy benefits of using ethanol,” said Geoff Cooper, RFA’s Vice President, Research and Analysis. “While ethanol opponents often use outdated information, hyperbole, and emotional scare tactics to cloud the energy debate, the facts and the science clearly underscore the advantages of using renewable fuels. The RFA library of reports and studies is a centralized depository of important resources that allows the public discourse over ethanol to be informed by the latest research from academia, government, industry and other sources. Sound science and technical acumen have always been at the heart of the RFA’s efforts to drive expanded production and use of renewable fuels like ethanol, and the studies and reports available on our web site serve as valuable tools to help promote and defend the industry.”

The RFA research library is available here